This is a personal testimony from a woman named Azaraiah who participated in a workshop held in India. She attended the workshop in search of a new approach to reach the children during Sunday School. After the workshop was complete she realized KIDStory could be applied in other realms of children’s ministry outside of Sunday school.

“Of all the trainings I’ve attended till now, I found this to be very different – especially the games and the questions. I believe that the games and activities that we learnt today will definitely have a good reach among the children and it will attract them. We have two constraints usually – one is the time constraint as the Sunday School needs to finish before the Service is through. Secondly, we have a set Curriculum that is examination-oriented, so whatever you taught today was totally different from what we have been doing. We also have outreaches in the villages on weekdays, which are attended by totally non-Christian children and I believe that this will be a very effective method to reach such children as well. This method will also encourage more children to participate in the outreach clubs (StoryClub). We are very happy because whatever we learnt today was very different and very useful to us.”
KIDStory provides additional resource by equipping leaders to disciple children by creating a safe relational learning environment. KIDStory is always concerned with the welfare of children along with impacting and transforming the life of a child.
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