The Brave 12


Venezuela is one of the locations where KIDStory is impacting lives. Inflation, desperation, and crime, rule in this country. It has been divided by political protest and opposition of the government regime.


Recently in Venezuela, five churches near the Colombian border came together for a KIDStory workshop and the participants were challenged and encouraged to share the Word of God with the children in the midst of the great crisis their country is facing. One participant, Adrianna*, shared how thankful she was that the KIDStory trainers had come and diverted their attention off of their problems and back onto the children that surround them. The next day twelve children braved a fierce downpour of rain to be a part of a StoryClub. In spite of the storm, every one of those children could retell that biblical story before they left for home. Adrianna* is another faithful servant who has caught the vision and heart of StoryClubs.


New StoryClubs are being formed every week all around the world. These StoryClubs provide a safe place for children to find hope and experience the love of Christ. Please remember before the Lord the thousands of faithful teachers who are bringing His stories to the children, in often hostile situations, around the world.


*Name is changed for the safety of the individual