Project X, renamed for the security of the program, hosts a camp for children to learn the Bible through fun and activities. Project X provides a spiritual environment where children can grow their faith and their relationship with Jesus. Project x and Kids Around the World share similar visions and hearts for reaching children. Because of this KIDStory, a program of Kids Around the World,  joined Project X to help impact the children that are attending these camps. KIDStory is a strategy for sharing the gospel through storytelling with children who are orality-based learners. Through this partnership, a number of ministries have been trained and adopted the KIDStory strategy for their children’s ministries.

735 children have completed the Bible training and 2,100 are enrolled in the process

KIDStory is an additional strategy for ministries to use in reaching children. StoryClub is a component of KIDStory that creates an environment, anywhere and anytime, for children to encounter Jesus.  The outcome in the location of Project X is up to 35 StoryClub ministries that include more than 1,800 children!  Together these organizations have been blessed to influence thousands of children in the country and will continue to reach much more.